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Ziggy Gardening Social Media and Autumn Planting 

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Hello all! It's been a wonderfully busy few weeks with lots of different things going on and challenges to overcome.

A beautiful Bay-tree (Laurus nobilis) I shaped up, that was in need of tightening up. The smell was amazing!

Lots of rain predicted for the coming week, is that it for the glorious weather? Possibly for hot sunny days (although you can't be sure this day and age!) but there's more glory to behold as the seasons change and brings its own unique colours and spectacles. So don't despair!

Autumn is a great time to get planting, you will thank yourself later when the fruits of your efforts greet you in Spring and beyond. It always comes around so quickly. Above is an example of a simple but effective flower bed refresh this week. Let me know if I can help with any planting this Autumn.

Im gradually getting round to having the various social media accounts and can be found on the following links:

Instagram: @ziggy_gardening.

Twitter: @ZiggyGardening

I'm sure you will agree, both amazingly creative and imaginative names for social media accounts 😆 But at least they're reasonably consistent and easy to find (I hope)

Still, the best place to find me is here on my website and Blog.

Until next time please get in touch if you require any services or have any plans I can help with

Kerim x

If you have enjoyed this read, please consider:

If you have enjoyed this read, please consider:

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