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Ziggy Gardening at Herons Bonsai!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Having recently taken a keen interest in Japanese methods of pruning and training within the garden "Niwaki" (Garden Tree) it's led me to explore further into it's potted miniaturised (sometimes!) equivalent "Bonsai" (Potted Tree) or even a potted forest!

Still being an absolute beginner when it comes to this art I am unable to speak with any real authority on the subject but my commitment to learning is nonetheless powerful!

I had the pleasure of attending the world-famous Peter Chan's "Herons Bonsai" which turns out is less than a 30min drive from South Croydon!

Looking forward to getting started and loving the surroundings!
Let the learning begin!

I had the joy of attending an informative and hands-on workshop that demonstrated the specific methods of training, pruning, potting and decorating Bonsai trees. Allowing me to get stuck in with my own young tree that I've now begun training!

My tree is potted and ready to start its new life as a Bonsai!

What are Bonsai trees and what do they represent?

Essentially they are in this case what's widely recognised as a Japanese art form (although originating in china and other similar methods with various names exist elsewhere). They are a living, changing art form that requires patience and commitment of years, often beyond the lifetime of the creator. They possess a unique air of wisdom and maturity that is simply not possible at that downsized scale without our vision and influence.

Mr Chan's trees must be seen to be believed, some of which are hundreds of years old! The range is vast and he has a great team that is highly informative and happy to help.

I would highly recommend a visit to see for yourself if you can get over there.

Kerim - Ziggy Gardening

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