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Roses are red...

Recently had the pleasure of planting these beauties in some containers to provide some well needed colour to a dull area at the rear of a property, I've since been back to see how they're getting on...

Rosa 'Balmoral Palace' - Blooms from June - November. Deep red full clusters of flowers (Lots of deadheading if you want the best out of them), dark green shiny, healthy looking leaves and very hardy.

Growing to around 50 to 70 cm. This variety IS unscented (There had to be a catch somewhere!)

As you can see, very happily thanking us for the care and attention they've had by putting on an awesome show of colour, and growing very nicely! Photos cannot do justice to how deep the red of these Roses really are!

Get in touch if you'd like help with planting, garden care and maintenance.


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