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Planting An Olive Tree (Or Any Tree Really)

"You better do well in school or you'll end up digging ditches!" - My Mum

Olive Trees are my favourite of all trees. they come in many shapes and sizes, (the more gnarled the better in my opinion) They give off a real air of wisdom and Majesty with the ability whisk you away to the Mediterranean. It's blue/green silvery foliage, absolutely beautiful to behold on a sunny summers day, Foliage that stays season after season in practically any weather a hugely tolerant and tough tree making a great centerpiece to any garden.

Once You have the hole dug to the correct depth it's time to prepare the soil. For the olive tree I made a mix of a small amount of Horse Manure (A good source of Nitrogen), Multi-Purpose, and a good load of Horticultural grit in order to allow for lots of drainage. Olive Trees are not really fussy at all provided there's plenty of drainage. Make sure you're aware of the type of soil and conditions your tree likes!

Negative Geotropism - Upward Growth

Upward growth of roots: very commonly seen in severely rootbound Plants where the roots grow up in search of air (this was actually one the worst examples i've witnessed) or where soil or mulch is built up too closely around trunk. I'm told this Olive tree was sitting around in its container for around 5 years since it was purchased from a garden centre, so one can only imagine how long its been stuck in the pot before then, but the fact the tree was still doing "okay", surviving with nothing but roots is testament to the Hardiness of Olive trees surviving on next to nothing. A very noble and proud tree.

Be free roots!

Once the container is cut away and removed, the roots will need to be dealt with in what would seem to be quite a ruthless way but the tree will grow back with renewed vigor allowing the roots to develop properly.

The Tree is now firmly in it's new place in the ground and is now able to grow and develop, realising its full potential and adding infinite beauty to this garden.

Majestic, Peaceful Olive Tree

If you have a Tree that needs planting, or would like to add an Olive tree to your garden like this one, please get in touch and let me know how I can help!

Kerim/ Ziggy Gardening

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