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Mary's Garden

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

The task here was to enable Mary to feel connected to her front Garden once again and feel relaxed as opposed to overwhelmed by it.

Mary's Garden - Quite Unruly but lots of potential! Compacted moss prone soil during wet weather, Dry rock hard soil during dry weather.

She wanted low maintenance, taking into account the challenging dry, nutrient deprived clay soil causing quite a few missed opportunities for flowers to bloom on following years after planting.

First task: (after completely clearing and giving it a good weeding) I needed to enrich the soil, for this I used well rotted Organic horse manure and turned it into the existing soil.

Now cleared the garden is ready for the soil improver (once the poor Hydrangea is given some well needed TLC then moved to its temporary home!)

Like most people (except possibly me!) Mary dislikes weeding and just doesn't have the ability anymore to spend hours knelt down picking them out. We opted to lay a weed barrier membrane onto the soil, which can be had for incredible value at the link below and also helps to retain some well-needed moisture during the dryer months. We also went with composted bark chippings to encourage further soil improvement via bio-activity to benefit soil structure over time.

Mary was extremely happy with her new look garden, and the Hydrangea also seems quite happy too!

Log borders are a commonly used solution for tidying up borders. we opted for these to match the look of the back garden and tie the two together.

I was able to re-plant some of her favourites that were amongst the jungle that had developed, I was particularly please to be able to revive the ailing Hydrangea (one of her favourites) as-well as re-use some garden features that we felt complimented the look Mary wanted. We were trying to keep costs down as low as possible and re-using is a great way to do so.

Mary was extremely happy with the result and tells us she gets many compliments from neighbours! Which is always great to hear!

All Gardens are on-going projects that we take great pride and care in creating. We continue to work with Mary in helping with planting decisions and maintenance.

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Kerim x

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