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Goodbye Summer, hello new faces!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Well, it's flown by for another year, and been a great summer, to say the least! The very first for "Ziggy Gardening" in fact! So we're very proud and absolutely honoured to have met so many of you. Thank you for your continued custom.

All gardening must work with nature and the seasons as opposed to against in some kind of futile battle bound to end in frustration and fatigue! So I view this change and shortening daylight hours at the end of summer as a call to action as opposed to a period of seasonal blues.

Autumn and Winter present their own challenges and opportunities to keep on top of things better preparing for the following year and reaping the many rewards. So don't rest on your Laurels...(which should probably have been nicely pruned by now!) and get planning! There's always plenty of jobs to be done.

Here's to many more summers to come, working together in your amazingly personal and individual gardens that have taught me so much, and most importantly here's to many more of EVERY season and the continuous growth and change they bring.

Kerim x

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