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Covid-19/Corona Virus

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

During this challenging time, it's clear we're all going to need to re-adjust and make some big changes to how we live our lives. I'm writing this blog post to be clear about the changes I'm having to make with regard to providing all my customers with the service they need as much as is possible and look out for the safety of all based on the rapidly changing situation.

I'm thankfully extremely low risk due to the nature of my work. Working solo, and outside in open air. But in the following words, you will see the extra steps I have taken to provide mutual protection and continuity. I am taking this very seriously.

I'm largely staying at home with my family during this time and going out just to work or on occasion get food supplies. We have decided to remove our son from nursery to minimise risk even further. I appreciate this may seem extreme to some.

This means that I may ask for more flexibility with bookings due to the need to share childcare between my partner and me but have now extended my services to cover weekends to allow more options for time slots. It has been quite hectic but I'm so grateful for how understanding all of you have been.

If I develop any symptoms associated with the virus or believe I have somehow been at risk of contact, I will no doubt be going into self-isolation and will let anyone know whose booking may be affected and certainly will not be soldiering on until confirmed safe to continue. Luckily most of my ongoing business is fortnightly anyway.

I ask anyone in self-isolation, symptomatic, or recovered does let me know well in advance of our booking. Especially where outside access to the Garden is unavailable.

Hand washing and Sanitising regularly as well as disinfecting the van at the start and finish of each day has been the routine for many weeks now.

No longer accepting cash payments as of 2/3/20

Will not be ringing doorbells or knocking on your doors when I arrive:

Within 30mins of your allocated slot, I will be there and begin carrying out the work.

Please ensure that access is available to your garden before I arrive. Feel free to phone or e-mail with any specific needs or jobs you would like me to carry out. I will no longer be doing face to face, close contact consultations so please let me know any points before I arrive. I am saddened by this because I have great relationships with all my customers but care very deeply and believe that safety is paramount.

Gardening connects us all to a sense of hope and peace. By planting, and caring for our gardens we're committing to stay connected to our future, the environment and what gifts it will offer in the weeks, months and years to come. It is a hard, uncertain and frightening time but I strongly believe that if we all do whatever is in our power to look out for each other and gain some sense of control then this can help greatly in reducing the anxiety.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish everyone, their families and loved ones the best of health and strength during this time.

Kerim - Ziggy Gardening

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