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Blogging Again. Freezing Temperatures, Lockdown = A slow start to the New Year!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

It's really been quite a while since I've updated my blog on here, owing mainly to the use of Facebook and other social media to stay in touch. So I'd better get to it! I've had a very slow start to the New Year and have so far not been able to get back to my rounds, but hope to do so this week or next at the latest.

A massive thank you to all of my wonderful customers. Regular, new or just enquiring for future plans! It's been very difficult to be consistent as I'd like and as reliable as I normally am over the past year, but always doing my best to get around to everyone in good time. We're currently in the third national lockdown and this will, of course, have an effect on my availability. From receiving "Bubble Closure" alerts from my son's childcare setting to having any symptoms ourselves and awaiting test results etc. We're all very familiar with this stuff by now and hopefully, before too much longer will all be confined to a distant memory.

Despite having to take lots of time off due to varying challenges and complexities related to the Pandemic we're all faced with, I've still been kept particularly busy so I'm extremely grateful for that too! Right up until Christmas. The sense of continuity and routine helped greatly with both mental and physical wellness. Not to mention Gardening! Something that most of the country turned to in the form of growing Tomatoes mostly, from what I'd witnessed! :-D This gardening bug soon begin to fizzle away as we headed into autumn and many just wanted to reclaim their sense of normality once again, by just picking up their veg from Tesco instead!

But it was a valuable lesson about how in times of need, connecting with our gardens and "Nature" can really help to get us through and help us gain a sense of peaceful control or sow seeds of hope for the future. When we love our Gardens they love us back.

Aside from the obvious calamity of last year, purely from the gardening perspective, it was one of the most vibrant, beautiful years for gardening that I can remember. Many of the gardens I care for were seeing prolonged blooms, lots of lush green growth! Dahlias, *Roses* and Canna all deserve an honourable mention. Lots of glorious sunshine!

The Weather so far in 2021 has felt appropriate for the season. It's Winter, and that's always a welcome sight. A cold snap or frost at the right time can do lots to rebalance the eco-system within your garden in relation to pests as well as many plants, such as garlic (Mmmmm!) and Primula, do need a cold period to aid spring growth or germination.

That's enough from me. I look forward to seeing everyone and their gardens very soon within the next week or so.

Until next time, please keep safe and healthy

Kerim - Ziggy Gardening

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