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Autumn...Lots of Leaves and pruning, some rained out days.

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We've had a super wet September and a wet October so far, but not too cold...Mushrooms popping up everywhere frightening people like a jack in a box! They're nothing to worry about, they are the flowers of the Funghi world.

And a few days of unfortunately being rained out. Nature sets the rules we just have to be patient. Thank you to all my customers who have been very understanding.

The Felco's have been getting plenty of action so far this week as well as tons of leaves cleared using the new beastly Stihl leaf blower! Which makes for one very happy Gardener and even more happy customers, which in turn makes me EVEN happier, an endless cycle of joy! Gardens seem to be good at accommodating joy. :-)

Aside from the usual maintenance tasks, other things have included creating some HUGE flower beds and digging out trees (phew!)

On the immediate horizon, plenty of bulb planting, a meadow garden, lots of lawn cuts (some of potentially the last of the year) and scarification and much more of the same! Also by the looks of it we're due a period of dry quite mild weather, so make sure you're taking advantage of this! Get in touch with Ziggy Gardening.

Kerim x

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