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Artificial Turf

An increasingly popular trend in Gardens everywhere is Artificial Turf (Also known by the brand name Astro-Turf).

It solves many problems, and provides a surface that's robust and requires no maintenance beyond a wash down when needed.

In this Rather large (very concrete) garden the client wanted a kinder texture for her seating area, without the need for demolition and digging. Artificial turf was a great solution.

Depending on the quality of turf, it's quite possible to see join seams which can appear unsightly in places and with high foot traffic wear can expose the black plastic matting under the grass layer. but for normal use, this is not much of a worry at all. It is plastic, therefore if doesn't grow! providing not much benefit to wildlife, requires use of strong adhesives (on concrete) and repair is not as straightforward as patch fixing on a natural lawn.

I believe the end result here took care of the need to break up the concrete beautifully and caused minimum disruption. My client is now looking forward to some sunny days in her garden sitting back on the new lawn with a nice drink!

Gardens are an extension of your home, artificial turf can be a great solution to creating a nice textured, functional space that's outdoors in all weathers.

In my personal opinion I will always prefer a lush green natural lawn, and that lovely smell of fresh cut grass!

What do you think? Would this be an option for your space?

Get in touch and let me know

Kerim x

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