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Garden Clearance (or Jungle Clearance!)...Admitting is the first step!

Sometimes we like to put things off and tell ourselves we will sort it out some other time...its ok for now etc until a small job becomes a big one.

Jungles and Wild growth can be crucial to supporting the environment and encouraging biodiversity. But they do look unsightly most of the time.

Before: This garden had become unmanageable to the point where growth was coming through the weed proof membrane and grown well-establish lignified weeds above it


Our Gardens can be strategically made to be beneficial for wildlife, without causing an eye-sore or taking up valuable space that could be used more functionally. A good garden clearance to tackle an out of control garden means we can reclaim our space and once again get a sense of peace and tranquility that only gardens can provide us with.

One thing to keep in mind with Garden clearance is the sheer amount of waste that is generated.

Nearly there: You'd be forgiven for not noticing the patio in the "before" picture!

The ground is now clear with waste ready to be taken away.

Getting rid of large amounts of Green waste is an added expense to consider when looking at your budget. But can be unavoidable, especially if a skip is required.

Could you re-use any of this greenwaste to enrich your soil and benefit your garden? Generally the answer is yes!

Shredders can break down green matter to jump start the detritivore pathway. Mulching, Composting or Teas are a great free method creating food and other benefits for your plants. I can happily advise on these methods.

Some people see an overgrown garden, I see HUGE potential for a beautiful space.

Once cleared and mowed, a neglected lawn will need time to recover and return to its former glory, albeit with a bit of care and regular mowing. Grass is extremely resilient. The next stage is some basic Green scaping to define edges and sections, as well as recovering the path down the left hand side. then we can go shopping and choose some lovely plants to begin the planting stage.

A bit of an ivy problem in this Garden, Ivy is a good air purifier but will quickly take over if left to its own devices spreading, forming aerial roots damaging walls and fences, so possibly out weighing its benefits.

The best solution is to tackle Ivy early or avoid planting at all unless in containers with regular cutting back.

In the thick of it, doing what I love best.

Once beds are cleared of weeds and Ivy, some crown lifting of the apple tree, next soil enrichment and we will be ready for the next stage.

This garden is being prepared as part of the lead up to hosting family guests for the build up to a wedding. So more work is still needed.

We decided that control via fortnightly maintenance was the best method for managing the Ivy and left the coverage on the fences but cleared it entirely from ground coverage.,

If you require your garden to be cleared and would like to make a plan going forward, the first step is to get in touch and arrange a visit.

Prices can vary greatly depending on the size of the garden, the amount of work that's required and the waste removal method.

Get in touch for more info!

Kerim x

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