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Please take a look at the helpful information below as this will really save time before going any further with your enquiry.

Tools/working practices - I’m fully insured and equipped for a full range of garden care tasks with my own power tools, hand tools, ladder etc.
I don't do any landscaping or work better suited for Tree Surgeons working at heights above that I can reach safety with my 8ft ladder.
I'll never take on work I’m not able to finish safely or to a high standard.

Pesticides/Herbicides - My Philosophy is to work with nature to the benefit of your garden, as opposed to going to war using all manner of harmful chemicals that damage the ecosystem. There'd be nothing easier than for me to charge for turning up with a sprayer, drench your garden in chemicals without getting my hands dirty or breaking a sweat! but I have a responsibility to you, your garden and the environment at large (Just read the labels and warnings on these products) It is on exceptionally rare instances that I will recommend the use of any weed killers or pesticides.

Green waste - I cannot facilitate the removal of green waste off-site, council green waste bins and composting set-ups more than suffice for even the largest gardens I care for, especially for maintenance. Annual “garden clearance” of badly neglected gardens with no plans to regularly maintain are not something I cater for at this time, it may be best to look elsewhere for that service.

Time slots/Bookings - Arrival times are approximate and subject to sometimes vary but will be usually given as a morning or afternoon slot, I normally send a text when on route if preferred. Once you’re on the books as regular weekly/biweekly the rhythm will become established.

Phone Calls/Enquires - I am not always available via telephone to discuss enquiries and bookings especially during working hours. It’s always best to email: and I’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible (this can take much longer during peak seasons, please don’t take it personally, send me a polite reminder if you still require my help if some time has passed without response)

Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions please do ask

Kerim - Ziggy Gardening

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